Functional Packaging

Leveraging the laminating technology that we have built up over many years, we develop and produce films that respond to consumers’ frustrations and lead to greater productivity. Our laminated films are made to order for each customer, and we work together with our customers from the technological development stage.

Products Developed to
Meet Consumer Needs

With our unswerving commitment to making our packaging easy to use, we develop products that respond to consumers’ most common frustrations.

MARUTO Straight Tear Film
Pouches that tear straight

A common frustration of consumers is that bags are hard to open or don’t tear straight, causing the contents to fall out. MARUTO Straight Tear Film solves this problem with the addition of perforations cut into the packaging material, enabling the bag to be torn straight easily by hand. This product is suitable for universal design requirements.

MARUTO Wavy Tear Pouch
A section which can be held is created when the product is opened.

Consumers are dissatisfied as they feel zipper bags are difficult to use. By processing the bag material a section which can be held is created when the product is opened, making the zipper bag easy to use. The product incorporates a universal design.

MARUTO Premix Pouch
Two separate contents can be mixed together with a single push.

When separate ingredients need to be mixed together immediately before use, it can be quite a hassle, with the need to have two separate containers, measure the contents, and then mix them. MARUTO Premix Pouch is a divided package that allows two separate contents to be mixed together inside the pouch immediately before use with a single push.

MARUTO Microwavable Pouch
Tears Straight by Hand
Single-action microwave cooking with this convenient pouch

This microwavable standing pouch uses MARUTO Straight Tear Film technology to provide superior operability and cost performance, making it possible to cook in the microwave oven with a single action.

Open Anywhere on the Pouch

MARUTO MARU-CUT EDGE bags have been designed to allow them to be torn open by hand from any part of the bag, without the need to include a “tear here” notch. Indication of ease of opening can be freely incorporated into the package design, so design features will not be affected.

MARUTO Antibacterial Pouch
This package can prevent the growth of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

The antibacterial coating process meets the needs of people who are concerned about the hygiene of packaging that is touched by an unspecified number of people.

MARUTO Straight Tear Film for Sachet
Laser processing for stick-packaged products to ease opening

By applying a laser processing to the surface layer of the film, the contents are well protected while the package is easy to open.

Products Developed for
Improved Production Efficiency

We always keep your productivity in mind in the development of our films.We make it possible to keep your total costs down.

MARUTO Light Shield Film
Blocks out light
Film that blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet and visible light

MARUTO Light Shield Film film has a light-blocking effect equivalent to that of aluminum foil. Because it contains no metal particles, it can be used in microwave ovens and with metal detectors.

Multi-purpose film for improved productivity

Leveraging our proprietary laminating technology, Marutop film delivers excellent low-temperature sealing and hot-tacking properties, strength, and heat resistance, which ensures stable productivity for both low-speed and high-speed filling. MARUTO ML Film is available in four grades to meet your varying requirements.

MARUTO Moisture Absorption Film
Control humidity inside the pouch

We developed our MARUTO Moisture Absorption Film with the aim of eliminating the need for desiccants by enabling humidity inside the pouch to be controlled. This is also expected to contribute to streamlining and cost reductions by cutting back on the desiccant-insertion task in the filling process. There is also no concern about consumers accidentally ingesting desiccants or the desiccant being accidentally left out of the package.

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