Corporate Information

President’s Message

Founded in 1939, our company plans, manufactures and sells packaging for all manner of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health foods, toiletries, and industrial goods. Our sales activities now extend beyond Japan to overseas markets as well.

At MARUTO SANGYO, we have made it our mission to contribute to the quality of people's lives by continuously working to improve the features of our packaging, including gas barrier and preservation properties, toughness, and ease-of-use.

In accordance with this mission, we have adopted a “customer first policy” as our management philosophy. We will strive to meet the needs of each of our customers by continuing to provide high value-added products with advanced features in a timely manner.

In a very real sense, we would not be here if not for our customers.

Our employees all work together as one to provide our customers with useful products and services, respond to customer needs and requests, and ensure customer satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than when we receive a “thank you" from our customers.

MARUTO SANGYO will strive to be a company that benefits our customers and that contributes to our customers’ prosperity.

We look forward to our customers' continued patronage and support.