Pouches that tear straight

A common frustration of consumers is that bags are hard to open or don’t tear straight, causing the contents to fall out. MARUTO Straight Tear Film solves this problem with the addition of perforations cut into the packaging material, enabling the bag to be torn straight easily by hand. This product is suitable for universal design requirements.

Numerical numbers of production capacity that this video shows are examples and differ depending on all conditions.Therefore, the production capacity is not guaranteed.

Multi-purpose film for improved productivity

Leveraging our proprietary laminating technology, Marutop film delivers excellent low-temperature sealing and hot-tacking properties, strength, and heat resistance, which ensures stable productivity for both low-speed and high-speed filling. MARUTO ML Film is available in four grades to meet your varying requirements.

Sachets that tear diagonally

Consumers often find small sachets hard to open, it can be difficult to control how much comes out, and the contents can sometimes splatter. To solve these problems, we have added a feature that enables diagonal tearing that make it easy to tear the sachet diagonally. This product offers both functionality and convenience.