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MARUTO Straight Tear Film Cuts straight with hands
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Bags that tear straight by hand

In the previous MARUTO Straight Tear Film, the perforations could only be inserted in the machine direction (MD: direction of machine flow), but with TD MARUTO Straight Tear Film, we can now insert perforations in the transverse direction (TD).

Consumers have
these kinds of problems
with packaging.

Difficult to open25%
Bag won't open in the desired direction and contents fall out18%
Bag won't open straight18%
Can’t find where to open the bag12%

MARUTO Straight Tear Film can solve the top three packaging issues!!

Do you think it would be good if the product bags you buy regularly featured MARUTO Straight Tear Film (feature that enabled the bag to open straight)? YES90%

Survey results have shown that, if they experienced inconvenience (problems) with a product’s packaging, one out of three consumers would not buy that product again. No matter what the product or how good it tastes, inconvenience caused by packaging can cause you to lose customers.

Feb 2013 *Questionnaire survey conducted by external organization of 100 men and women of all ages