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MARUTO Light Shield Film

Features of MARUTO Light Shield Film

●This film has a light-blocking effect equivalent to that of aluminum foil.
●Because it contains no metal, it can be used in microwave ovens.
●Because it contains no metal, it can be passed through metal detectors.
●When combined with high-barrier film, it enables a move away from aluminum foil packaging.

Results of MARUTO Light Shield Film Light Transmission Rate Testing

Test details: Comparison of the light transmission rate of MARUTO Light Shield Film (thickness: 60 μ) film with that of regular film (PET12 μ) with a single layer of white printing and regular film (PET12 μ) with two layers of white printing.

Light transmission rate (%)
99.9% of light from UV range to visible light range is blocked out.

Examples of Applications and Materials for MARUTO Light Shield Film

Retort foods, microwave-ready foods, products to be tested using metal detecting equipment, general food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health food products, etc. …
Examples of materials:
PET / Aluminum / Nylon / CPP ▶︎High barrier PET / Nylon / MARUTO Light Shield Film
Nylon / LLDPE ▶︎Nylon / MARUTO Light Shield Film
MARUTO Light Shield Film Recommended
for These Situations
  • Because you use aluminum foil packaging, you are not able to use metal detecting equipment.
  • You use aluminum foil packaging for its light-blocking effects, so cannot offer microwaveability.
  • You need light-blocking capabilities but do not want to use aluminum foil.
MARUTO Light Shield Film offers improved quality and a wider range of applications.
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