Our Track Record

Manufacturing experience cultivated for more than 75 years since our foundation. Here we present actual examples of products that have been highly praised by our customers.

Our products have been adopted in a wide variety of product categories.

Food products

So you can deliver the delicious taste of your products, we offer a wide variety of package forms, laminate compositions and manufacturing methods to suit the filling and preservation requirements of the contents.

Pharmaceuticals and health food products

Our products are delivered to Japan’s major pharmaceutical manufacturers from our own plants, which are certified by the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association. We offer functional, value-added packaging materials that were developed with consumers’ ease of use in mind.

Daily life essentials

We offer packaging that considers the daily living behaviors of consumers. For contents such as detergents and insecticides, we offer packaging materials with ink and laminate compositions that will not deteriorate.

Categories in which Maruto technologies have been adopted


Leveraging our laminating technology and based on suitability to your machinery, we offer packaging materials that enable improved filling speeds. We also assist with ease-of-use considerations, such as ease of opening packaging.

Boiled and Retort Foods

We have an extensive track record of laminated films suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature sterilization conditions. We also offer value-added packaging materials that solve the problems that often occur when opening retort pouches.

Overseas Activities

Overseas Items

We have an extensive track record of overseas sales through our International Division.

Products Other than Laminated Films

Other Products

We have an established track record of packages other than laminated products and other related products, which we deliver in collaboration with our partner companies.