Maruto Sangyo Co., Ltd. deals in a wide range of packaging and packaging-related materials,
from products manufactured by Maruto Sangyo to products we stock,
in order to satisfy our customers and contribute to the enrichment of human life.

Products ・ Functional packaging materials

We manufacture and sell laminated films (composite films) that are closely related to people's lives, such as packaging for foods and pharmaceuticals, and that can meet the needs of our customers, including functional packaging materials.

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List of functional packaging materials

Standardized pouch

Unlike custom-made products, standardized pouch is available from one case. We can handle small lots and quick delivery. By ordering as many as you need and when you need it, you can manage materials according to your production schedule.

List of standardized pouch

Machinery and other materials

We sell materials related to packaging (containers, paper containers, label stickers, etc.) and machines (fillers, factory equipment, etc.). In addition to laminated films, we also offer comprehensive proposals and sales such as productivity improvement and sales promotion.

List of machinery and other materials

Environmentally Friendly Products
MARUTO Eco Products

As a provider of plastic packaging products, Maruto Sangyo is committed to environmental conservation.

List of MARUTO Eco Products

Package design and planning proposals

In addition to packaging, we offer a wide range of proposals from concept design, design, product planning, branding and sales promotion tools.

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